How you start, manage and grow a business

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Supporting the future of business

As a dynamic group that comprises professionals, entrepreneurs, and avid innovators with a wealth of experience in seed ventures, we support the establishment, growth, and management of start-ups and emerging small to medium-sized businesses.

Rooted in our business administration and strategic management expertise, our services extend across multiple facets of the business life cycle, including launch, growth, shake-out, maturity, and decline. While our clients generally include business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, we often deploy the same principles, practices, and processes in corporate organisations to generate the agility that incumbents often lack.


Organisational structure design

Business planning and business plan development

Basic operations and financial management

Formulation and development of policies, procedures, and communication strategies

Marketing plans and sales strategies

Brand strategy and positioning

Content writing and curation

Creative media design, including presentations, brochures, and pitch decks

Qualitative and quantitative market, industry -and consumer research

Competitor benchmarking

HR and payroll administration solutions

Ongoing executive mentorship and advice

Commercial financing, business funding and loan facilitation

Business valuations

Succession planning and business assurance

Business turnaround strategies