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The following is a complied list of available opportunities for sale, this list and the information described herein could change at any time.

AUSTRAC Crypto Exchange and Money
Remittance Licensed Company For Sal

What’s included:

Clean licensed company with no activity;

Bank account in local bank;

Local director considers to stay;

The seller is looking for the quick sale.

Company with USA
MSB permissions for sale

What’s included:

UK based company registered in USA as a Forex Brokerage , Crypto Exchange and Payment Institution.

Bank account available.

Iban issuing services

Fx Crypto Trading Brokerage Platform on request. 

Monthly software on request fees is 1200 £

MSB licensed in Canada for sale

Company was registered in 2020.

The head office is based in Vancouver.

Scope of activities:

Foreign exchange dealing

Money transferring

 Dealing in virtual currencies

Client’s accounts are in Lithuanian, Kazakhstan and Dominica banks. 

Branded website is included into price.

Client base is clean. 

AML policies are included into price.

Annual report 2020 was dormant. Report 2021 in process of submitting to the tax service. There were only several operations during 2021. And there were no operations during 2022. No audit was conducted.

The reason of the sale – owner has changed his plans and would like to quit of this business.

T1 Swiss bank for sale

What’s included:

Client base: private and institutional clients.

Headquarter is located in Lugano.

Bank serves private banking, asset management, acts as broker of fixed income securities, could provide services regarding trade finance. 

Bank holds commodity trading entities with financing of commercial transaction (trading of metals). 

Lending is included in bank’s authorizations. 

Bank is under individuals supervision and ownership.

 Equity of shareholders – 70 mln CHF.

AuM – 2 bn CHF.

Loans of customers – 175 mln CHF.

AFSL For Sale

This license authorizes the licensee to carry on financial services business to:

Company arranged accounting and audit which is the requirement from ASIC.

Operational local account is in place.

For entering into DD stage, deposit should be contributed.

Ready-made company with crypto authorization in Poland for sale

Crypto authorized company;

Clean company, didn’t conduct any activities;

Company is registered in Polish Virtual Currencies Business Activity Register;

Allowed activities:

Nominee service can be provided.
Account as per extra request.

Foreign exchange dealing

UK 750k Market Maker license for sale

License type FPRU 750k license (market maker)

License was granted more than 20 years ago

Active and operational business

License permissions (retail/professional/eligable CCP): 

Safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging),share Agreeing to carry on a regulated activity.

Banking Client Fund accounts and Company accounts with Tier 1 UK and EU Banks.

Operating EMI in Lithuania for sale in Lithuania for sale


SPI license in UK for sale

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