Are you gasping for a strong, reputable and reliable procurement service partner?

Look no further then

Pro Legal’s specialist team can fully assist, build, develop and project manage the process for your bespoke procurement needs.


We commence and complete a comprehensive and forensic DD which fully satisfies the project and those involved, from beginning to end, are legitimate, viable, trustworthy and will deliver – as promised.

Workflow approval

Once our files and systems are set up, all parties agree approval for the workflows in the procurement system. The automation feature of our e-procurement system does just that. What takes months or weeks for a procurement manager to follow up can now be achieved in a few days.


Integrations are important because procurement is not just about one process, but is made up of many processes to ensure the safety of the project. We oversee all aspects to ensure that that integrations and process flows are in place to achieve an effective system.

Vendor management

Once systems are in place, we can check and assist your 3rd party vendors with regard to the procurement process. We will keep an eye out and help you in assessing vendor performance, managing contacts, and onboarding vetted suppliers, ensuring Banks and payment processing systems are legitimate and compliant to ensure invoices are processed smoothly and delivery of goods or services are not delayed.

Three-way payment process

Our services include escrow facilities with multi-currency accounts. We can effectively manage a good working procurement and payment monitoring and processing system.

Our procurement matching system eliminates fraud by cross-checking invoices, beneficiaries nominated bank accounts, IBAN crosscheck, OFAC/SDN check, goods receipts check and purchase orders check before releasing payments.

All of these are checked and double checked before payment is issued to the vendors.

Monitoring and Customization

Our procurement services and systems are designed to handle multiple functions in case your organization needs or decides to do other procurement processes too, such as sourcing, product and market research, and others.