As specialist professionals, we enable the leadership and key stakeholders of businesses to evaluate their current and future business requirements.

As entrepreneurs , we empower them to take on the adventure and utilise cutting edge systems, technology and new practises to ensure a successful outcome.

As innovators, we show them how.
Our mission to help our clients create businesses of distinction is deeply rooted in our passion for individual excellence. We know that in order for any business to reach the pinnacle of corporate success, their leadership has to first reach the pinnacle of their own purpose and potential.
Empowering leaders to create, develop and sustain high-impact businesses is at the heart of everything we do and strive to be.

Our vision to pioneer in the field of organisational strategy through ground-breaking innovation is supported by a sturdy track record of successful corporate projects, market-leading ventures, and lucrative global partnerships.


“The level of insights produced for Project Shesha is remarkable to say the least. I am eager to digest every bit of detail of the Strategy Report, the extent of which we have never had in the past. More than 200 pages, masterfully condensed into 7 actionable recommendations. Sterling job, executed with such passion, conviction, and professionalism. Thank you for your invaluable contribution.”
Keith, Legal Counsel and Exco Member
Banking and Financial Services


Our mission reveals three strategically connected growth dimensions within which we consult, analyse, plan and mobilise
our resources and expertise to propel our clients into the realm of compounding stakeholder value.
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Operational Growth

Enabling our clients to fix
and improve or recalibrate the status
quo of their businesses by
minimising or dislodging factors
and detractors that lead to
incoherent governance,
disengaged value creation and
slack cross-organisational

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Innovative Growth

Empowering our clients to
redefine the status quo of their
businesses by creating or
capturing and augmenting
competitive advantages through
the adoption of new capabilities,
design thinking and value
creation imperatives.

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Strategic Growth

Co-creating and infiltrating new
and existing markets and value
networks alongside our clients
by analysing and ultimately
leveraging the complexities that
coincide with change and

Our goal is for your investment in our consulting services and solutions to culminate in actionable strategies for superior governance, hyper bottom-line growth, and amplified market penetration.