Our consulting methodology favours a cross-border, multidisciplinary approach where we function as business, legal, strategic- and financial consultants.


Specialising in international cross-border sectors, Pro Legal apply a bespoke consulting method which favours multidisciplinary approach where we function as business, compliance, auditing, legal, strategic and financial consultants.

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More than 100 satisfied clients in 16 countries (and counting)
Ranging from multinational corporates, government-affiliated organisations and state-owned enterprises to financial services providers, SMEs and SMMEs.
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300+ growth-enabling tactics and frameworks
We consistently achieve double-digit growth in terms of both revenue and reach year-on-year, utilising the same tactics and frameworks that we developed and now advocate to our clients.
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First-to-market automated business optimisation

We developed Pro Legal – the Group’s state-of-the-art Strategic Information System, used by our consultants and clients to unearth actionable insights, craft high-impact strategies, and digitalise operations.


If becoming the benchmark is your pursuit, count us in. Together, we can rewrite the
rules that govern your game.
Our consultants, advisors and executive coaches are skilled in the art of neutralising operational and strategic latency that often sprout from suboptimal governance and a lack of cross-organisational strategic alignment during times of transition and disruption.


To our Stakeholders, Clients and Contracted Partners. Pro Legal Group L.L.C-FZ (hereafter “PLC”) are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in everything we do on daily basis as we strive to make a lasting contribution in the lives of our clients, partners, people, and the communities within which we operate globally.
The ever-changing global economic landscape, alongside an unprecedented shift to digitalised operations, have unfortunately created vacuums for inadequate governance and misconduct by many organisations, including professional services firms. Many have been exposed for exploiting these vacuums to serve ulterior motives, often leading to austere reputational -and financial damage, both for the organisation and the client. The current economic climate requires organisations to strike a stronger balance between the needs, interests and expectations of their material stakeholders and the interests of the organisation and its clients. Ethical behaviour must be bolstered on all fronts, at every level of the organisation.

PLC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Code articulate the standards to which every individual in our company must adhere to and commit themselves, regardless of where they live and work in the world.

PLC are deeply rooted in maintaining corporate values which reflect our core belief that ethical conduct is the soil from which every success sprouts. Our values are an integral part of our business which guides us in conducting business honourably, morally, and with the utmost professionalism.

PLC provide information, guidance, and references to policies and resources to help you make ethical decisions in your engagement and interaction with us.

These policies and practices also serve to define your responsibilities under the laws of United Arab Emirates (where we are headquartered) but not limited to any other relevant regulators, authorities and governmental bodies.

While our organisation lends itself to a fair amount of freedom and autonomous engagement, it is important for us to collectively build a culture of solidarity and unanimity when it comes to matters that go against the grain of our integrity and ethical conduct. We should strive for an environment in which we are comfortable enough to raise concerns or report misconduct so that we can respond to and address it swiftly and effectively in an appropriate manner.

At PLC, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder in all our endeavours and undertakings. Our employees and authorised representatives are therefore not expected to deal with ethical predicaments alone. You are encouraged to consult your colleagues, legal advisors, compliance officers, division managers and senior management, or report any actual or suspected violations via our internal reporting channel.

It is our expectation that, after reading our Code of Ethics you will have a better sense of the importance of your role and function when dealing with our organisation, as well as our open door policy that makes access to senior management possible for everyone. Furthermore, we believe that you will also gain a deeper understanding of the privileges and responsibilities that come with working at one of the most dynamic new generation professional services firms in the world.

Yours, in business excellence.