Who you create value for

Growth will be cumbersome if knowing
where to pivot sales and marketing

is not a key strategic priority

Covid-19 not only ushered in a new dispensation of consumer behaviour, but also created an array of new challenges that sales and marketing teams have to contend with. Consumers no longer search for products or services exclusively. They search inclusively, opting for solutions that are likely to give them instant gratification. They want value, speed of delivery, and a five-star omnichannel experience. To transition with this shift in consumer behaviour, businesses and organisations will need to understand considerably more about their strategic position, their customers / clients, the products and/or services they offer, and who they are contending against for share of wallet.

With our innovative approach to converting data and insights into actionable strategies, we support the marketing and sales enablement function of businesses with key marketing decisions by validating their customers strategies, challenging the status quo, or crafting strategies and tactics where gaps or risks exist

Working alongside sales and marketing divisions, teams, and managers, we gather and unpack growth-enabling data and insights through strategic audits, qualitative evaluations, and quantitative analysis (data science). Financial performance metrics and other key indicators are embedded in our process to ensure measurable outcomes.


Customer journey assessments

Crafting and/or evaluating buyer personas

Marketing strategy temperature checks

Qualitative consumer research

Consumer insights and analytics (data science)

Predictive analysis

Competitor benchmarking

Establishing and/or validating financial performance and other key metrics

Customer growth strategies